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Beirut Express is coming into its 56th year in providing continuous and consistent quality services in local and international removal and relocation of household goods and personal effects, travel, international freight forwarding project forwarding and fairs and exhibitions handling.

We currently operate worldwide through a network of associate companies and accredited agents.

We organize conferences and handle transfer services, hotel accommodations, and daily-guided excursions for individuals and groups.

Mission And Vision

We are committed to anticipate the needs of our clients, while providing them service with excellence.

Our vision is to retain and invest in the recycling, training and development of personnel.

We also aim to keep abreast of the industry in order to sustain and also improve the quality of our services and procedures.

Memberships & Affiliations
  • IATA Travel and cargo accredited agents
  • Members of FIATA
  • Members of the Household Goods Forwarder Association of America
  • Applicants for membership of IELA and F.I.D.I
  • Association of Travel & tourism Agents (ATTAL)
  • Lebanese Forwarders Syndicate (LFS)
  • Member of Shipowners Association
  • Member of the Chamber of Commerce
We are commited to anticipate the needs of our clients, while providing them service with excellence. Our multinational staff is professionally responsive to the individual needs of those seeking our diverse services. Below is a list of our services.
Removals and Relocations

Our 56th years experience in removals and relocations earned us the reputation of making each removal as trouble free as it can be, owing it to our professional packing crew and high protection techniques with top of the line wrapping and packing material.

We move:

  • Companies and corporations office to office;
  • Household possessions house to house;
  • Both domestically and internationally.
International freight forwarding


We are an accredited IATA cargo agent.
We handle inbound consolidation services and export airfreight services worldwide.

Ocean Freight

We handle inbound services and outbound LCL/FCL/break-bulk services worldwide.

Freight Forwarding

We can process all your inbound and outbound freight through all customs ports of entry and/or departure via air and surface.

Project Logistics

We handle site-to-site project cargo, project logistic support services worldwide and heavy lift and over-size cargo specialists.

Since 1964, Beirut Express have been operating physically in the following countries:

Saudi Arabia Al Khubar Jeddah and Riyadh
Greece Athens
France Paris
UK London
Afghanistan Kabul
Sudan Khartoum


We are under exclusive contract with the following international contractors:

  • Alcatel
  • Bouygues
    We were instrumental in assisting Bouygues offshore in the transportation of needed equipment aiding to build the breakwater made of 80 “wave absorbing” caissons
  • Clemessy
    Beirut Express has been assisting Clemessy in bringing from South Africa all the electric poles in a charter vessel and aiding in the installation of these poles in Mount Lebanon
Fairs and Exhibitions

Knowing that the several exhibitions and trade fairs require different supports, our expertise in exhibition forwarding since 1976 helped us better incorporate the following requirements:

  • The movement of conventional freight between countries by professional freight forwarder;
  • The movement of exhibits by specialized exhibitions forwarder.

We guarantee to provide our services with the latest techniques and procedures, advanced communication means and multi lingual proficient staff.

Travel & ticketing

We are an accredited IATA travel agent and a licensed tour Organizer/Operator.

Our travel unit is on line with all airlines operation to and from Beirut International Airport to take care of all your needs, reservations and ticketing.

Customs Requirements

We are commited to anticipate the needs of our clients, while providing them service with excellence. Our multinational staff is professionally responsive to the individual needs of those seeking our diverse customs.
Requirements for duty free entry of personal effects

Returning Lebanese Nationals

  • Proof of residence within a foreign country for a minimum period of three consecutive years notarized by a Lebanese Consulate/Embassy;
  • Packing list notarized by a Lebanese Consulate/Embassy;
  • Shipper should be in-country with his/her passport and notarized proof of residency along with a title deed or registered rent contract of his/her residence available to process import formality.

Expatriates- Non Lebanese

  • Local residence permit;
  • Work permit;
  • Packing list notarized by a Lebanese Consulate/Embassy.

At origin: A bank guarantee for the equivalent amount of duty on the shipment, as assessed by customs authority valid for 90 days will be accepted as an alternative of residence and work permit to be retrieved upon presentation of same.


For appliances and furniture, it is recommended to have available a written proof of purchase indicating date and value.
Also, all appliances and furniture not proven to have been owned by the shipper for at least 3 years may be considered by customs authority as new and liable for duties.


Narcotics, non-branded drugs, pornographic/obscene/anti-religious publications, clippings and films, weapons, guns and ammunitions are all prohibited from import;
Satellite dishes, all mobile phones and wireless communication units require approval from the Ministries of Defense and communications;
Old and antique weapons for collection require prior licensing from the Ministry of Defense;
Books, videotapes, films, slides and music tapes are subject to censorship.

Importation of motor vehicles into Lebanon

Port of entry Beirut

  • Vehicles should not be more than 8 years old;
  • Purchase receipt, notarized by the Lebanese Consulate/Embassy at origin should be available;
  • Vehicle should be towed to park and is not allowed to circulate; until it is properly registered at the motor vehicle department.
Importation of commercial cargo
  • Commercial invoice (original + copy) with the following annotation in either English, French or Arabic: “We hereby declare that the goods stated in this invoice are of …… origin, that the value is real and authentic and in conformity with our records; this invoice is the only one issued by us for the goods mentioned in it.”
  • Certificate of origin (original + copy)
  • Packing list/ inventory (original + copy) should be detailed and delineated and should correspond to the commercial invoice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We are here to answer all your questions:
Below is a list of questions for your reference
How do you choose a mover?
Do not choose an “unknown”. The best way to make sure you get a good move is to select an established mover with a good service reputation.
How much will it cost?

Costs can only be accurately determined after a visual inspection of all items to be shipped.

A representative will visit your home, without any additional charges, and survey all the items to be shipped. So be certain to show him everything you plan to move in order to better estimate the cost.

All costs will be based on weight and/or volume.

How to save money?

It’s amazing how much you can accumulate in a few years! So this is the best time to discard all unnecessary or old items.

By contributing them to your favorite charity, you are reducing the cost of shipping them.

Why the mover should do the packing?

Qualified packers of the moving company should always do packing of fragile articles.

Professional packers can quickly and efficiently pack your items as a result of their training and practice.

Thus, you can be relieved of an arduous task.

What must you do yourself?
  • Of course, make sure you are present on moving day. It is better than leaving everything to the movers since they will be able to carry out your instructions down to the last detail;
  • Do not move flammable or explosive materials that might damage your goods;
  • Take your valuables with you. The mover cannot be held responsible for the loss of personal articles.


  • If you have wall-to-wall carpeting, you must make arrangements to have it unfastened. The mover will roll it, but are not skilled in rug removal.
  • If you have chandeliers, you must make arrangements to have them disconnected and ready for packing.
  • Schedule a proper servicing of your appliances in advance of your move.
  • It is desirable to defrost the freezer and refrigerator and wipe dry 48 hours before moving.
  • Do not start up your appliances at your new residence until the servicing process at origin has been reversed.
  • Do not tie, wrap or cover any furniture. The more packers and movers can see the more they know the exact precautions to take;
  • Make a final check.
What happens on moving day?

The responsible mover will make a record of each article being moved and its condition. Any scratch, tear or crack will be recorded so both you and the movers know exactly the condition of the possessions before loading the container.

The mover must know where you can be contacted during the course of the move.

What about additional protection?

It is always wise to have your shipment covered by an insurance policy. So make sure to ask your mover’s representative what are the protections available.

What about unpacking?

Have the movers unpack all items when they arrive to the new residence.

Unpacking should be done right away so that loss or damage may be verified. In case of any loss or damage, the mover or his agent will advise you on the proper procedures.

10-day moving plan

The following 10-day plan suggests a “day at a time” project that can help you along the process:

1st and 2nd days: Clothes and Closets

  • Sort out unwanted clothing and other things and give to charity;
  • Arrange cleaning of soiled clothes;

3rd day: Kitchen

  • Clean cupboards;
  • Look over your food supplies and make sure to reduce the amount of foodstuffs to be moved.

4th day: Heading

  • Write or call everyone you think needs to know about your address change;
  • Advise utilities and regular home service establishments the date service should be disconnected.

5th day: Storage and attic day

  • Clean and sort;

6th day: Records, documents and valuables

  • Make necessary trips to schools, doctors…
  • Gather documents and valuables at home and in your safe deposit box. Plan to carry them with you.

7th day: Rest

  • Arrange for servicing of your appliances;
  • Make final arrangements for shipment of pets and other special services you may need.

8th day: Finance

  • Pay bills;
  • Reconcile the checking account and close it;
  • Withdraw savings;
  • Confirm travel plans;
  • Check all official documents (passport, health certificate…)
  • Conclude financial matters related to the lease of your house.

9th day: Get ready for the trip

  • Pack your luggage;
  • Pick up your tickets;

10th day: Moving day

  • Go over the entire checklist;
  • Supervise the movers;
  • Check again the house to be sure nothing has been overlooked.